Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Reason...

Welcome! :)

Kendra Thaler (I Wear Black Apostolic Hair) asked me to start up this hair blog for Apostolic/Pentecostal women with straight hair.

Her blog is for women with "Black Apostolic Hair".. She has helped so many ladies with their hair struggles!! You can read all about it on her site. :)

The MAIN reason for this soon-to-be-awesome blog is to help ladies with their (almost or totally) bone-straight hair like mine! Hair tutorials (Quick fixes or some that may take a little longer), tips, and product reviews are to be expected.. Once I feel comfortable in front of the camera, I will start showing you all some neat-o ways to style your hair! ;)

This will be an adventure..

-Lots of love-
Megg Rowell

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