Friday, September 16, 2011

Cheat Sheet for Curls!!!

There's a quicker way to achieve gorgeous curls.

Today, for school, I decided to curl my hair because I wouldn't have much going on during my classes :) or throughout the day. It took me less than an hour (about 7:40 - 8:30) to do my hair! I used a combination of hot sticks and hot rollers. I pulled the bottom portion of my hair into a side ponytail & curled the hair in the ponytail instead of my WHOLE HEAD! Wayyy easier :)

How to:
(I was already taking the curlers out in these pictures, sorry)
Use a variation of hot sticks and hot rollers on the top and side sections of your hair. I would suggest using hot sticks for the hair the IS NOT going to show-for example: the hair in the middle of your head or place it underneath the rollers. I don't like how hot sticks curl my hair anymore but they do give great volume which is the reason why I put them where they are hidden lol.

Start with your hair down and DRY--splash a bit of hairspray onto it to make your hair hold better.

Place the curlers/rollers in the direction you want them to go. For example: I like my hair parted to the left so I place the curlers going to the left (I'll show a video as soon as I can) Then, put the rest of the curlers/hot sticks on the front and side sections of your hair.

DON'T put the curlers on your whole head! This is the cheat sheet version :) lol

After you get to the top of your head and right behind your ears full of curlers, place the remaining hair in a side ponytail. Take the hair from your ponytail and separate it to place the hair into curlers. Your ponytail will turn into a big bun of curlers :) lol

Take out the curlers about 20 minutes later (do some housework, homework, studying etc inbetween these times). Start taking the curled ponytail section first and move your way to the top!

You are going to keep the side ponytail full of curls and just place the curls from the top of your head  onto the curls in the ponytail :)

Cheating has never felt so good.



Kendra Thaler said...

Love  it!! You look beautiful as always!

Anonymous said...

Try this ...

Meagan Rowell said...

@Anon: I've used Conair hot sticks for most of my life growing up (until about a year ago). I switched to Conair hot rollers instead. If you want, See previous posts about what I use.

Personally, I love hot rollers more because they give me bigger and looser curls than the hot sticks. :)

As for the video you suggested, the girl shows exactly how to curl with hot sticks. Any hairstyle that I do with hot rollers can be used with hot sticks instead!

Thanks for the comment!