Sunday, January 1, 2012

Product Review: Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner

Oh, how I despise dry, fried, damaged hair. Aussie Moist shampoo was making it worse ladies.

I always wash my hair with shampoo AND conditioner! My hair needs the balance.. For some reason, there wasn't enough balance in the Aussie Moist sh.&co. :( It dried my hair even more!!!  Made it VERY brittle and split ends were running rapid :(

Have you ever felt a little girl's dress up wig? My hair felt like that in the shower as I was putting shampoo in and then conditioner. I noticed it within 3 days. I was broken :( My hair was terrible.

BUT thank goodness, I still have some Garnier Fructic shampoo that I was able to use. I still used the Aussie conditioner and it did give me much needed moisture, but only when it was paired with another conditioner. I still wouldn't recommend using the Aussie conditioner though.

HOWEVER, I do not recommend using Aussie Moist sh.&co. if you need moisture in your hair.. I know how almost all of us straight haired Apostolic-Pentecostal ladies wear our hair... and trust me when I say this, we DEFINITELY need the moisture.

So Aussie Moist shampoo & conditior, you get a *thumbs down* :(

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Roxanna said...

I snowballed into your blogs somehow. First to your regular one and then clicked on this one! I am following both of them now. It is nice to see other Apostolics blogging! :) So, Hello from KY!